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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Yantouch BlackDiamond+ Speaker Review

I have tried many different bluetooth wireless speakers and I think they are an absolute must have! They are easy to carry around and no wires to plug in when you are out on the water or just not near an outlet.

In my opinion, nothing compares to this Yantouch BlackDiamond+ speaker! Not only is it absolutely beautiful and fun to watch, but it has crisp, clear sound. At first, I was very surprised it had NO buttons on the actual device. It only has a small remote. Which is fine, except my concern is what if that remote gets lost? The device itself does have a little slot in the back that you can keep the remote when you aren't using it, plus a little baggie to store everything in. But you never know what can happen. But that's pretty much my only complaint. Besides that, the remote has many options even for being so small.

The speaker charges at a decent pace. It even shows you how much has charged by glowing from red (almost dead) to yellow (halfway) to green (fully charged). It says the battery life is for 10 hours, but I haven't really tried that! But it does last for quite a while!
The speaker connects via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth compatible device very easily. Once connected, it beeps and you are ready to start your music. You can even connect the speaker via auxiliary wired connection if you are using a computer or something.
Once connected, you can use the remote to stop, play, pause, or skip tracks, change the color rotation, or make the lights move to the music. Also, when the lights are synced with the music, the lower the volume, the dimmer the lights are. The louder, the brighter. There are 2 speakers on each side that pour out beautiful sound and fill the room! When you play it in a dark room, the lights are magnificent! Music you can see! It lights up the room and makes it feel like either a party or a relaxing retreat (depending on your music mood of course). My boyfriend and I were quite impressed with how gorgeous the device itself was and how clear and LOUD it was! We absolutely love it. And the price may seem high for such a small speaker, but it is definitely worth the money!

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Yantouch BlackDiamond+ Speaker

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