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Friday, November 27, 2015

Body Butter by LT Organics Review

I'm really loving this Argan oil body butter by LT Organics. I'm tired of using the cheap kinds that are either too watery and thin or too thick and pasty. I like this lotion much better. It's moisturizing and goes on well.

It's made of oils such as sunflower oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, flax seed oil, Argan oil, and more. No parabans or sufates and it's cruelty free which is a big plus for me! it's a wonderful mix of moisturizing elements. It goes on wonderful and smells fabulous. It's not a strong smell which is what I like. It's very light and relaxing. Even though my boyfriend isn't a fan of the scent. But his opinion is null in void! ;)
My skin feels soft with it and right now is the time that my skin gets super dry and cracked.

It comes in a large, generous tub and I definitely think it is worth the asking price. It seems like it would last quite a while.

Consider this in reference to the price:
You're going to go buy another brand of body Butter from Bath & Body Works or Victoria's Secret for some over fragranced watered down lotion for the same price. Why not buy one that actually does what it's made to do? Moisturize thirsty skin. To be honest, I will probably never buy lotion from those places again. Plus, I think I'll order some as gifts because they give discounts if you order certain amounts.

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