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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

DQS Portable Makeup Bag

Just like many ladies, I have quite a lot of makeup. From brushes to sponges, eye liner to mascara, eye shadow to blush, I've got it all and then some! When traveling, I really hate shoving as much as I can into little travel bags. I can never find what I need and things tend to leak or break and it just becomes a complete mess!

I was able to review a beautiful makeup case from DQS. It has a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry with you and zips up tight. The whole top inside cover has slots made for brushes and things of that nature. There's even a flap that keeps all of your items in place.

I can't fit ALL of my makeup in this bag, but it's great for when I'm traveling for a while. This case would work great for special events like weddings, maybe even for makeup artists!

Inside are little slots that hold dividers that you can easily adjust for the size pockets you need. It's very handy for when you have tiny items or larger items such as single eyeshadows or large pallets. Plus, it's very easy to clean if you get it all messy!

When I'm not using it for makeup, I actually use it to keep all of my jewelry I sell in. It works great for my bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings! I love how everything is organized and not just thrown into a tote. It's easy for me to grab when someone wants me to go over for them to pick out gifts!

I 100% recommend this bag! I have zero problems with it.
It would make for an excellent gift!


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