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Perfectly Posh

Well, as of December 1, 2016, I have decided to become a Perfectly Posh Consultant! I have always enjoyed doing direct sales companies and what better company to be involved with than one with bath and body products?

WHY did I Join?

-I live in a city called Houma, which is in South Louisiana and times have been very hard with the economy. The oil field slowing down has had a major impact on the number of jobs available. I've been unemployed for a few months now and I've never not had a job. So this was new to me. I've done direct sales companies before but just never truly fell in love with the companies or products. Being able to stay home with my puppies (who have major separation anxiety) has been wonderful and I asked myself... 'How can I stay home and make money?' A friend of mine said she started selling Perfectly Posh. I've been in sales my entire life, so naturally, I was curious. Once I tried the products... I WAS HOOKED! As soon as she told me how the company was run and how you got paid, I signed up! I'm so glad I did too! I have never 'ranked up' in any other company I tried until Posh! I love this business so much and even my fiance supports me 100% and really loves seeing me so happy.

Why do I LOVE Posh?
-The main reason I love Posh is actually very personal. I've dealt with severe depression and anxiety for a very long time. I was too proud to take anti-depressants until recently when it got so bad I couldn't even leave the house. After finally finding the right one to help me, it got much better. But, I still felt lonely and unfulfilled... That's where Posh came in! As soon as I started selling Posh, I found my missing piece. I had something amazing to focus my unused energy on and eventually, I became so motivated that I finally made goals for myself. Work from home, make a full time income or more, and do what I love.

So now that you know my WHY......

Let's get pampering! Who doesn't like to pamper? Let's throw a party! You can request to do an online party! Just email me to let me know and we can get one set up for you!

If you are interested in being a consultant like myself, or just getting an AWESOME deal on $250 worth of pampering products, shoot me an email and I can give you the details.

CURRENT STARTER KIT:  February 2017 

Thanks for checking it out guys!
If you would like to place an order or just see what we have, follow my link below!


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