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Monday, August 24, 2015

InstaNatural Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

I am someone who always has to have their house smelling fabulous. Candles work great but you have the risk of burning your house down. No one wants that. So, I've decided to try out essential oil diffusers to keep my house smelling great and for the health benefits that come along with using essential oils.

I have tried a couple different essential oil aromatherapy diffusers and I must say, I LOVE THEM! Each has their own pros and cons and that is important to remember. Below is a review video I put together to see how it works. Talking makes me a bit nervous so ignore my pauses haha!

I really like this InstaNatural Essential Oil Diffuser. This system is very effective and is very simple. As stated in the video, I have only one complaint about this system. The top does not lock into place so it's very easy to go and grab it the wrong way and it go flying everywhere! I've done it! Add a lock to the top and this would be perfect. Though, I believe it's better than the other diffuser I have. My other one does lock, but it's not easy to lock and unlock it without spilling because of it's shape. This diffuser has a much better shape to grab onto and have a good hold on it. Also, it would be nice if it would come in a black color. White kind of stands out. My other one is a wood look and fits so much better!

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InstaNatural Essential Oil Diffuser


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