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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Stunning Diamond Ring

Okay ladies, let's face it, women love to sparkle! There's just something about the way a diamond catches your eye. You could stare at it all day. Well, at least I do, that is!!!

This little beauty by Aiyaya & CO Fine Jewelry sparkles and makes quite a statement! The stone is much larger than I expected, but it's absolutely gorgeous! Even though it's a cubic zirconia stone and you can see the rainbow effect, it's still quite the looker! I've worn it and forgot I was wearing it and received multiple compliments from the people I work with and my friends. Most were saying 'WOW! Your man really dished out for you didn't he?' I think I will keep this one as a 'going out replacement' of my real one. Taking the real one with me makes me nervous! With this fabulous ring, jealousy will ensue. I definitely feel like a celebrity wearing this big stone on my tiny hands! The quality of this ring is absolutely worth the asking price. I would recommend to all my girlfriends!

 I think it sits a little too tall for me though. But even so, I'm in love with it! And so is everyone else!


  • Featuring 18K gold plated with textured tone, stunning round-cut cubic zirconia centerpiece framed in flower halo of dazzling smaller stones beauty marks.
  • Cubic Zirconia reveals brilliant shine and a meticulous cut. Delicate post with friction back.
  • Aiyaya & CO offers a full 1-Year warranty covering manufacturing and material defects for genuine branded Aiyaya & CO Fine Jewelry. We GUARANTEE complete satisfaction on your Aiyaya & CO Legacy Collection Fine Jewelry purchase*

UPDATE 3-10-16: It has been quite a few months now that I have gotten this ring. I wear it often and I am STILL receiving compliments on it. It's still as flawless as the day it came in the mail. It's my favorite 'show off' ring.

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