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Friday, July 23, 2021

Everyone Needs Their Own Space

I'm not typically a "writer". I tried keeping journals growing up. Never stuck. But for some reason, I feel the urge to write about this.

For those that don't know, I struggle with depression. I have for a long time. Never knew what it was. Until one doctor saw something and tested me. Thank goodness he did. 

Now, I'm doing a hell of a lot better. And one way I found that helps is having your own space.


I have my own 'she shed'. 

     - Yes. It's amazing. 

     - Yes. I'm spoiled. 

     - No. I am not finished with it! (Maybe I'll update about it!)

It's the most perfect thing in my possession. And it's all mine!

Introducing: The Floof House

AKA The Cat Shack, Kitty Condo, my happy place! 


I absolutely LOVE my shed. I keep my cat, Bijoux, in there because he's a big tubby baby that freaks out outside. ......himz 👇🏼


There's an a/c, mini fridge, echo dot, and storage for all of my extra crap. It even LOCKS!!!! (No kids getting in here!)

This is my safe space. My quiet zone. My me time. I have everything I need except for a bathroom and sink! It's absolutely perfect and I couldn't ask for anything more! 

I realize not everyone can have this. That's okay. Find something equivalent. Maybe it's locking yourself in the bathroom and taking a nice long soak in the tub. Throw on some calming music and a few candles. Use that epsom salt or bath bomb you've been hoarding in the cabinet.

Have a garden? Go out there. Sit under the trees. Listen to the birds. Tell no one where you are going. They don't need to know. 

And for those that say "I have kids. I can't do that."

Yes, you can.

Now unless you have an infant and it's just you around, no.... No you can't. I get that. That's understandable. 

Otherwise, you CAN and SHOULD take at least 15-20 minutes PER DAY to yourself. I don't care if you have to lock yourself in the toilet. Lock yourself in your car. Say you have to go to the store. No, no one can go with you. 'Why?' BECAUSEEEEEEEE.

For the sake of your mental health, you MUST find time for yourself. Tell yourself good things. Boost your own confidence. Watch funny cat videos and have a good laugh. Make crafts. Garden. Meditate. Practice yoga. Do whatever it is you truly enjoy.

(I also garden)

Mental health is a huge deal. You have to take care of yourself. It's why serial killers kill. It's why people turn to drugs. It's sometimes why mass shooting occur. It's why seemingly normal people break and do random crazy things. If your mental health is unstable, YOU are unstable. 

Don't let that be you. Everyone needs their own space. To heal. To overcome. To be at peace with yourself. ♥️

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