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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair

So I was able to review something I normally don't review. A kid's item!

Being that I don't have kids, I decided that my friend's little girl, Adelyn, would be my little tester! (She performed amazingly by the way!)


Stuff It! - Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair
The concept is that kids have tons of stuffed animals all over and it's quite difficult to keep the room clean with a pile of them laying around. Kind of a big eye sore. So, this 'bean' bag chair is used to actually store the stuffed animals! While there are not actually 'beans' to fill up the chair, you use the stuffed animals instead! Then it's still comfortable for them to sit on and it's a cute addition to the room.

The chair I got was the grey and white chevron print which, let's be honest, is the most popular print nowadays!
Recently, the seller updated the product and reinforced the seams as they were not holding up very well. So now they are all good on that end!

Adelyn LOVES her new chair and takes it everywhere with her. She can hide her toys in there so that her dogs don't steal them from her!

They come in 3 different chevron print colors. Grey, Navy, and Teal.

You can purchase yours here starting at $28.80
Link: Lilly's Love - Stuff It!


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