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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Best Hand Cremes

I've tried many different hand cremes before and either they were too thick or too greasy or whatever else.... Until now...

Perfectly Posh has a hand creme called BFYHC = Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme.
Seriously, get you some! They smell amazing and have naturally based ingredients! Each day I used it, I could tell my hands kept getting softer and softer without feeling greasy. Plus, a little really goes a long way! One tiny little pea sized dab and you're set! They are made with aloe vera, coconut oil, and apricot kernel oil. The apricot kernel oil helps the lotion absorb into your skin much faster which helps prevent a greasy feeling. 

My favorite has to be Merry Berry. But it's retired now :( *sad*
So, my current favorite is Paper Moon! It smells like Citrus, strawberry, kiwi, and a hint of musk. But I don't smell the citrus! 

Learn to pamper yourself. Why waste money at the spa when you can have a 'spa-like' experience in the comfort of your own home for a FRACTION of the cost?! Come on now!

Get yours today plus earn Perks on every purchase that you can use towards earning free products! 

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