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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Aloha Smoothie Protein Review

I absolutely love fresh smoothies. My boyfriend actually got me a NutriBullet for Christmas so I've kind of being going crazy with the smoothies and cooking in it! Let me just say, this food processor is AMAZING!

Just recently, I was able to try out Aloha's Superfood Smoothie Kit.
I must be honest, I don't normally add anything else to my smoothies. Just good old fashioned fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, and greens. I'm always up for something different, so I figured, why not?

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So this duo is a powerful way to supercharge your smoothies. With this kit comes a Protein Powder and Daily Good Greens. Which are both really good. They blend very well into any smoothie you make. For the protein, you get a vanilla and chocolate packet. Then, for the Daily Good Greens, you get one chocolate, one original, and one berry mix. They are all equally delicious!

• 18 grams of whole-food plant-based ALOHA Protein
• A complete serving of fruits & veggies in one packet of ALOHA Daily Good Greens
• Full of superfoods like vitamin-packed moringa, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory spirulina, and healing wheatgrass
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I had way too much fun making my smoothie! It turned out amazing! Even my boyfriend wanted some. For this particular smoothie, I used the Daily Good Greens Berry packet.

Aloha has many other products, including healthy tea mixes, vitamins, protein bars, snacks and more!

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I received this product at only shipping costs in exchange for my honest review.

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