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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Madison Reed Hair Color Review

Happy National Puppy Day everyone! I hope you celebrated your precious pups today. Who am I kidding? We do that everyday!

My little girl Nikki

It's no secret that I change my hair color like I change my undies! I'm always up for something 'different'. But to be completely honest, I didn't always color my hair correctly.

Going to the salon is SOOO expensive! And it got even more expensive as the years passed by. So, I went to box color. I know... Stupid me! I used box color for years. I absolutely LOVED the color, but it was destroying my hair! My hair used to be full and beautiful. With all those years of using box color, my hair got flat and blehhh. It's just lifeless and lost all of its luster. It became so unhealthy, that it looked stringy and was full of split ends! And let me tell you, it takes FOREVER to get it healthy again!

So I'll tell you this right now.... DO NOT USE BOX COLOR FROM THE DRUG STORE! And if you do, STOP!

If you just can't fork up the cash for a professional at the salon to color your hair, there is another option. It's not as expensive as the salon, but not as cheap as drug store box colors.

Get Better Hair Color with Madison Reed

There is a way to color your hair safely, without the costly price tag. And that is Madison Reed.
They offer cost efficient, 100% gray coverage, healthy hair color. Ammonia, Resorcinol, and PPD-Free, Gluten-Free, with No Parabens added. It's even Cruelty-Free which is my number one thing to look for in a product!

(image from google image search)

Thanks to the fabulous Color Crew at Madison Reed, I was able to try one of their hair colors absolutely free! I took the questionnaire to create my Hair Profile. You answer a few simple questions, then they suggest the best colors for you! It's so easy!

I was so excited when my box came in!

They included everything you would need to color your own hair.


Everything from gloves to anti-stain creme and even shampoo and conditioner! 

I will say this, doing this on my own was kind of tricky. I suggest you get someone to help you so that you don't miss any spots of hair! 

The instructions that were included were very straight forward and easy to follow. I did change one thing though, and that was when to remove the stains of color on my skin. I removed mine after step 7 just because I was worried about the color not coming off 35-45 minutes later! Anyway, after I got the color on, of which they give you a good amount of product, I let it sit for about 40 minutes and I rinsed it out in luke warm water. I suggest rinsing over the side of your tub so that you don't paint your bathtub a different color with all of the splatter! I absolutely love the fact that the shampoo and conditioner they include comes in a mini sample tube with a cap that closes. Many companies only give you this packet that you have to rip open and if you don't use all of the product at once, you have to just hope it doesn't all spill out or harden. With the mini tubes, I can close the bottle, and have no worries! 

Are you ready for it??? Here is my transformation:

Please ignore the frizziness! The after picture was taken right after blow drying. But you can see the fluffyness of it!

Anyways! I absolutely LOVE the color! It's absolutely gorgeous! I ended up using the TRIESTE RED - 5NRM permanent hair color. It's a reddish mahogany brown. Not only is the color beautiful, but my hair feels light and soft! It actually felt natural and not weighed down by a bunch of unhealthy, unnecessary chemicals. Plus, the smell afterwards wasn't overpowering. It was very light, yet still smelled great!

Silly fly aways!
I am absolutely impressed with Madison Reed hair color! They are an amazing company that believes in giving women the best product for their hair.

I would only suggest adding a few more color tones to the collection.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate with the Madison Reed company, please follow my link below:

Their program is designed to help you make the most of being their affiliate.

Madison Reed isn't just hair color though! They have an array of other great products that you can see here. Just click Shop at the top!

Thank you! I really hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! Now go and find YOUR perfect color!

*DISCLOSURE* I received this product at no cost to me in exchange for my honest review. All statements are my own.

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