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Monday, March 14, 2016

Julep Pi Day Special


Get in on this deal from Julep before it's gone! I am loving these colors they've put together. I've used Julep so many times to get their beautiful polishes. Each time they would come in the mail, it was like a mini spaz attack! Haha!

3 Polish Gift for $14

We take inspiration from all over the place for the oodles of nail looks we create. Today, our big influence is delicious pie…mmm. That’s because 3/14 is Pi Day. What is Pi, you ask? Pi is the numerical value of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter which is approximately 3.14159. I know, we’re mixing our metaphors a little here, but it’s all for a good cause—cute nails! 

Our nail look below is inspired by Cherry Almond Pie. We used scotch tape and three Julep polishes to create this look. Today through 3/16, you can get this 3-Piece Polish Gift for just $14! Normally, each polish is $14 each, so this is truly a sweet steal.

3 Polish Gift for $!4
Here’s what you’ll get in your 3-Piece Polish Gift

  • Meghan (Classic with a Twist): Flaming red crème polish
  • Cassandra (Bombshell): Deep cabernet crème polish
  • Oxygen Performance Top Coat: Adds shine and stamina to your nail polish

Get 3-Piece Polish Gift today, because the offer only lasts through 3/16.

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