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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Beautilee Makeup Sponge Blenders and Brush Review

I'm just starting to use sponge blenders for my liquid foundations. I love my buffing brush, but it's not good for contouring. These sponge blenders by Beautilee are great for contouring with creams and liquids. They are super soft, feels great on the skin, and absorbs the foundations well. If you wet it first, then squeeze out the excess water, it will be easier to apply and also clean the sponges afterwards. It also comes with a retractable kabuki brush. It's nice to have a brush I can take where ever I want without messing up the bristles. The only thing is that you have to be careful not to push down the retractable part of the brush too far. It can get stuck and it's not easy to get it back up. This part could use a little change because what's a retractable brush if you can't retract it? It opens up beautifully, closing it is where it can get tricky.

Here is a helpful list of my pros and cons on this product.

- Soft sponges
- Sponges are easy on the skin
- Sponges and brush are easy to clean
- Compact and easy for on the go
- Latex-free
- Antibacterial
- Cruelty-free

- Bristles are a bit rough on the skin
- Retractable part of brush gets stuck
- Packaging could use some reinforcement

I think it's absolutely great that a portion of each purchase goes to support "Women for Women International". A program that allows you to 'Sponsor a Sister' in countries affected by conflict and war. The program helps women learn the skills necessary to support their families and provide better lives for them.

Product link:
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017Y9LEVS?ref_=cm_rdp_product_imgPrice: $13.97 Amazon Prime

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