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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dead Sea Mud Mask by Abiding Youth Review

This product has me almost crying!!! I'm so happy to have found and been able to review it! This is why I love doing product reviews. I find products I can never find at the drugstore that actually work!

So I ordered this mud mask because I have a touch of Eczema on my cheeks and a bit of rough skin in different spots. I was going to wait to review this after the second time I tried it because it says to use twice a week. Well after just a couple days of trying this mask the first time, I saw amazing results! Usually, during the summer time, my Eczema spots get really red and I can't go without some kind of foundation on my face to cover it. Just after a couple days of the first use, the red spots are significantly reduced! Almost gone!! IF this can really clear up my Eczema, and keep my face this smooth, I'll be the happiest girl ever!

The texture is just phenomenal. It goes on so smooth, doesn't dry out your skin, and doesn't smell bad either. I used my night time Aveno face moisturizer after and my face felt wonderful. I would absolutely buy this again and I rarely find stuff that really works for my face!

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Dead Sea Mud Mask by Abiding Youth

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